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Welcome to day 9 of Blogust 2017!

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BLOGUST DAY 9 – 2015
BLOGUST DAY 9 – 2016

Today's question of the day is:

List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

I have had so many people throughout my life that have influenced me, both in real life and people that I've never actually met in person. It's going to be a real challenge to pare it down to just ten. I'm going to go through and include the biggest and longest-lasting influences, but just because something or someone isn't on here doesn't mean it/they haven't been an influence.

  1. My mother – My mom has always encouraged me to pursue whatever I want. Even when I've changed my mind ten different times in the span of three months, she still supports me no matter what.
  2. My aunt Jenni – My aunt Jenni, much like my mother, supported me in everything I've ever done and she was always there to lend a hand, or an ear. She believed in me so much and I never want to let her down. Whenever there was a design project that needed to be done, she always came to me first to see if it was something I could, or wanted to, do. As soon as I finished reading a book, she was the first one I gave it to so that she could read it and we could talk about it. Likewise, as soon as I finished a writing project, she was always the first person I sent it to for review.
  3. My grandmothers – I have three grandmothers and they have all influenced me in different ways. I wanted to lump them into one number, because none of those different ways that they have encouraged me is better or worse than the other. Just different. I can go to each one for a different issue and I know that they will be there to help me any way they can. I am so grateful for that and I definitely know how lucky I am to have them in my life.
  4. Beth Revis (author) – I remember reading her book Across the Universe about six years ago, and it was my first foray into the whole YA-dystopian genre. I found her book by accident while looking at other books online and thought it sounded good. I loved the way she had built the world and just really enjoyed her writing style. Over the last six years, I have pretty much read everything she's put out and have become a huge fan of hers. She definitely has had a hand in influencing my writing, as I tend to write in the same genre as the Across the Universe trilogy. I even got to meet her a couple of years ago at a writing conference and it was so crazy cool; I've never met someone that I'm a fan of, in real life. I like that that first "fan experience" was with an author because books have had such a huge impact on my life. I feel like the only time I would ever really get star struck is with authors, and maybe Tony Mainolfi.
  5. My former mentor, Jennie – A couple of years ago, I did an internship with one of the screenwriting teachers from the college I graduated from. I learned more from her in three months about writing, screenwriting, business, life, etc. than I did in six previous years of college.
  6. School teachers – There have been so many school teachers that influenced me as a child that it's too many to go through individually. But a couple that really stick out in particular include my 9th grade English teacher, Mrs. Whitaker, who I also had for 10th grade English as well. She was just one of those no-nonsense types who had all of her student's best interests at heart, and genuinely wanted them all to succeed. Also one of my college English professors, Professor Dean, who encouraged me to develop one of my short stories that I had written for his class. I'm still working on it!
  7. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Amy Schumer – All of these women are big players in the television-comedy genre and all of whom have greatly influenced my own career aspirations and writing. I highly recommend each of their autobiographical essay-style books by the way.
  8. People in the OI community – It wasn't until about three or four years ago that I started to open myself up to the OI community. I joined groups and friended fellow OIers on social media, and even went to an OI conference. It is so nice to learn that I am not alone in a lot of the things I've gone through, and continue to go through. Seeing other people's stories of struggles and successes has definitely influenced and inspired me.
  9. Baylee Jae (Artist and Youtuber) – I've been watching Baylee's videos consistently for about four years now. She makes art videos, which are great, but she also makes day in the life vlogs which have had a pretty big influence on my own vlogs. I've come to really admire her work ethic as she juggles three YouTube channels and her own art business. I always worried that my videos would be boring if they were just focused on me and my everyday routine, but her videos pretty much focus solely on her and her daily routine as a work-from-home artist. At a time when I was struggling with the fact that I was always home alone, but wanting to still make videos, her videos inspired me to keep uploading.
  10. Linkin Park – I don't know if I would consider what their music has done for me so much influential as inspirational. I have spent many a night up late working on a paper or a project for class while listening to their music. On my low days or on nights when I can't sleep, I just listen to their songs on a loop. Their songs just really resonate with me and I credit them for getting me through a lot of rough times.

That's all for this one. Thank you so much for reading!

Until next time,
Kirsten 🙂



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