Blogust 5

Welcome to day 5 of Blogust 2017!

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BLOGUST DAY 5 – 2015
BLOGUST DAY 5 – 2016

Today’s question of the day is:

What are five things that make you most happy right now?

I do this thing in my journal where I list out my top ten (usually) things that make me happy. I’ve found that on days where things don’t look that great, it can help refocus my mind and lighten my mood. I’m really glad this is one of the questions because it’s been several months since I have done this.

So here are five things that make me happy right now:

  • My dogs – They can sometimes drive me nuts, and Pete doesn’t listen very well at all, but they are pretty good dogs overall. Lucky is a german shepherd-chow mix and is eleven-years-old. Pete is a chihuahua-mix; what he’s mixed with nobody knows, and he is almost five. We’ve had Lucky since she was eight months old and my sister even trained her to pick things up off the floor for me, so she’s kind of been an at-home helper dog for me all these years. Both dogs have played emotional support dogs as I spend most of my time home alone. Although I feel more like an emotional support human for Pete who has anxiety almost as bad as I do. But they are good company when it’s just me and them.

They’re never far away.

  • My books – I know I probably shouldn’t have something material as something that makes me happy, but I just love my books. I love to obviously read them, but I also love looking at them all organized (or sometimes, disorganized) on my bookshelf. Sometimes I’ll just sit in front of my shelf and think. It’s my happy place. I don’t yet have any of my books unpacked from when we moved and I miss having those meditation sessions in front of my bookshelf. I should really get on that.

My most recent bookshelf (pre-move).

  • Blogust – Even though my creative block/brain fog is still sticking around, I’ve really enjoyed challenging myself each day to write these posts. I’ll update later on in the month as to whether I still feel this way, haha.
  • Summer skies – Fall sunsets are the prettiest, but summer runs a pretty tight second. There’s nothing like a Florida sky before and after a storm – it can just be so awesome looking.


  • My new bed – For the last year-and-a-half, I had been using a hospital bed since I came home after the accident. I needed it for the adjustability more than anything, so I could get in and out of my wheelchair. But when we moved, I didn’t want to move the hospital bed, so we looked into a regular bed on an adjustable frame. I love it so much! I can’t wait until I can sleep flat again because I am going to love stretching out on it. I used to have a full size, and now I have a queen size, so…upgrade! Even though I’m barely four feet tall, I take up the entire bed as I love to sleep diagonally. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to do that, but hopefully now that I have room to stretch out, I can gradually work toward sleeping flat instead of raised up. BTW: I’ve had to sleep raised up because I can’t lay on my side when I’m flat, and I can’t lay flat on my back because of my short airway. So for the last 21 months, I’ve slept practically sitting up, kind of leaning to the side. Anyway, hospital beds don’t really leave much room for sleeping on your side so my back isn’t used to it anymore and it’s going to take some time to get back to laying flat.

Alrighty, that’s all for this one. Thank you so much for reading! What are some things that make you happy right now?

Until next time,
Kirsten 🙂



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