Movie Monday – The Boss | Blogust Day 8

Melissa McCarthy is definitely one of my top three favorite actresses. She does it all: comedy, drama, writing, producing, acting. I mean who wouldn’t want Sookie from Gilmore Girls to be their best friend? Melissa McCarthy has come a long way since her turn as the lovable, but sometimes ditzy, Sookie St. James. After Gilmore Girls ended, she established herself firmly in the comedy world with her breakthrough role in Bridesmaids. Since then she’s headlined half a dozen other hilarious character-driven comedies. In addition to having the ability to completely transform herself into outrageous characters that rivals Adam Sandler, she is also great at bringing the physical comedy as well. I mean the car scene from The Heat is hilarious, or pretty much every scene from Bridesmaids that she’s in.

Today’s movie is The Boss, the newest in Melissa McCarthy’s lineup, besides Ghostbusters. This movie didn’t do great in theaters and didn’t receive very good reviews either, but I’ve never let that influence whether I watch, or like, a movie.

*There will probably be spoilers. It’s a comedy movie so they won’t be earth-shattering.*

About the Movie

The Boss follows Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy), a super rich mogul akin to a Donald Trump meets Martha Stewart meets Kris Jenner(?) type. Michelle grew up an orphan and quickly adopted a rely-on-no one attitude that eventually made her a shark in the business world. Now she’s on top, but she’s all alone, save for her assistant Claire (Kristen Bell), and her nemesis Renault (Peter Dinklage). Turns out she doesn’t exactly conduct kosher business practices and finds herself getting indicted for insider trading. She loses everything and gets sent to jail for five months. Upon release she has nowhere to go and not a dime to her name. So she ends up on Claire’s doorstep. Claire agrees to let her stay with her and her daughter Rachel (Ella Anderson) until she gets back on her feet, which isn’t as easy as either of them would like.

After weeks of slumming it on the couch, Claire kicks Michelle’s rear in gear and tells her to help out, starting with bringing Rachel to her Dandelions meeting. While attending the meeting, Michelle realizes a great business opportunity something like the Dandelions could be, and decides to start her own. She comes up with Darnell’s Darlings, and instead of selling cookies, they’ll sell brownies. Claire reluctantly agrees to join and bake the brownies. What follows is a fierce rivalry between the Dandelions and the Darlings.

Finding herself back on top once more and becoming good friends with Claire and Rachel, Michelle gets spooked and goes back into her shark mode. She sells the company behind Claire’s back to Renault, and moves out of Claire’s apartment. All are devastated, and eventually Michelle regrets her actions and tries to make amends. Realizing that the sale will go through the next day, the gang, plus Claire’s sort-of boyfriend Mike (Tyler Labine), formulate a plan to sneak into Renault’s office and steal the contract. It all leads to one hilarious chain of events as they successfully get their Darlings business back!

My Opinion

I’m going to say that I liked this movie a lot. It wasn’t my favorite Melissa McCarthy movie (that would be The Heat), but it was enough to have me laughing throughout. The character of Michelle reminded me a lot of Kris Jenner, just in the way she looked and her mannerisms. I thought Melissa McCarthy did another great job of diving into and bringing another crazy character to life. You can tell that she enjoys doing stuff like this because she immerses herself so well. It’s easy to forget that it’s Melissa McCarthy under there.

Final Thoughts

If you need a funny movie to cheer you up or to just escape into, this will work nicely.

That’s all for this (quick!) Movie Monday. Thank you so much for reading!

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Until Next Time,

Kirsten 🙂


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