What’s Up Wednesday – Instagram is the New Snapchat? | Blogust Day 3

Last Wednesday, I was so excited about the new Gilmore Girls trailer, that I had to share, and then I also found a bunch of other things I wanted to talk about as well. I just randomly called it What’s Up Wednesday, and actually found that I liked it. So I thought maybe I’d give it another go this week. I probably won’t do this on a regular basis, but for weeks when there is something new and exciting I’ll keep it in my arsenal of posts.

Instagram gets an update

Yesterday (Tuesday), Instagram announced that allowed people to create Stories. These could be photos and/or videos and they would only be viewable for 24 hours, after that they disappear. Users would still be able to add photos and videos to their feed which remain permanent. Instantly the Internet took note of how similar this new feature is to Snapchat’s Stories, even down to the name is practically a rip off. If you’re unfamiliar, Snapchat is an app that you can use to send friends pictures and video that disappears after viewing them. There’s also a feature where you can add photos and video to a feed that you can share with all your friends at once or even publicly.

There are pros and cons to both, but I have to admit that I am leaning more toward Instagram being the winner in this race. I think that people who already use Snapchat frequently and are more comfortable on that platform will still continue. But for those that like both, I feel like Instagram will win out because it’s one of those one-less-app situations. That’s where I’m at anyway. I like Snapchat, but I don’t use it very often publicly. I never post on my Story and only seldom send messages to family or friends. I like using the filters to make quick videos, but save them to my phone and share them either on Instagram or put them in my vlogs. I prefer Instagram personally, and now that they have the Stories feature, I will probably take advantage of that instead. I like that there’s both the news feed and the Stories now. 

Here’s my first video, riveting stuff I know:


Something that Instagram doesn’t have are the fun filters that Snapchat does, however at this point, they have gotten a tad bit annoying. I mean how many times can you watch someone use the puppy face filter? The answer: a lot. Everyone, it seems, uses it and posts on their Story with it.


Adding this in as a sort-of Breaking News: tonight I got a Pikachu in Pokemon Go. I love Pikachu, it is my favorite Pokemon and last week there was one in my neighborhood, but I was too lazy to go and and try to get it. But tonight I was out and about and one of my eggs hatched and it turned out to be a PIKACHU!! I was so shocked and excited. I know it’s just a game, but I don’t care, it was awesome.

That’s all I’ve got for this one. Thank you for reading! If you haven’t already, you should definitely follow me on Instagram!

Until Next Time,

Kirsten 🙂


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