Why You Should Stop Picking on Pokemon Go | Blogust Day 2

Despite the title, obviously do whatever you want. If you get joy out of judging people who have decided to play Pokemon Go, or whatever other joy-inducing activity they’ve chosen, then by all means, proceed. But I think that the best part of being an adult is doing what ever you want, as long as it makes you happy and doesn’t hurt anyone in the process, even if that means playing Pokemon.

I talked a little bit last week about my obsession with the game, but I wanted to elaborate a little so that maybe if you are annoyed by the Pokemon craze, you’ll get a new perspective. I have three main reasons why Pokemon Go is actually a good thing for this world right now.Just remember if you do play, play responsibly. Just make sure to look up and don’t be an idiot about where and when you are playing it. Duh.

1. It actually improves some people’s lives… myself included.
There was an article that I read last week that featured a young man who is paralyzed and only leaves his house two times a year to go to the doctor’s. But since downloading Pokemon Go, he has been motivated to get out. He goes out around his neighborhood in his wheelchair, and with the help of his nephew running his phone, catches Pokemon. His family has been shocked to see such a change in him.

For me, it’s kind of doing the same thing. Even before the accident, I was a bit of a recluse; I hated leaving the house as, most of the time, it brought me nothing but stress and anxiety. After the accident it was even worse, only now I had the added benefit of being painfully aware of all the cars around me and the echo of the crash ringing in my ear every time we go through an intersection. I haven’t been able to drive yet, so my mom bears the brunt of all of this added anxiety. I whimper at every car that comes within three feet of ours, and feel an impulse to point out every red light and stop sign so as not to brake too hard and cause a potential injury. It hasn’t been fun for anyone to leave the house with me in a while. I hate it, so I’ve taken to limiting it to only when I absolutely have to (physical therapy, doctor’s appointments, etc.), and the occasional Target run. But after I downloaded Pokemon Go, the first time I left the house with it, the car experience wasn’t entirely unbearable. I was distracted by watching for any Pokemon, and of course making sure to hit any Poke-stops along the way. By the time we got to my doctor’s office, I realized that I hadn’t panicked about any of the ride there. I was so busy looking at my phone, and getting excited at all the Pokemon that I caught, that I didn’t look at the road around me. It was a lot less stressful for both myself, and my mother. Now that I’ve had it for a few weeks, I’ve found myself wanting to go out more as well. When I’m in stores and such, having the app to distract me sometimes really helps my anxiety. I do have a bit of an addictive personality, and I’m super competitive, so I have this impulse to get all the Poke-stops and as many Pokemon as I possibly can wherever I go. 
It may seem like just a stupid game, but for some it means something. It has its moments; it crashes all the time and I’m sure that before you know it, we’ll all move onto something new, but for now it’s been a good thing for a lot of people.

2. It’s better than Trump, and all the other messed up crap going on in the world.

Let’s face it, right now the world is a deeply depressing and scary place. Here in America, it’s an election year, which brings out the absolute worst in everybody. Including, and especially, the candidates. But things like the Taylor Swift/Kim Kardashian feud, and Pokemon Go, are nice distractions from the otherwise all too serious world issues. Not that the Taylor Swift/Kim Kardashian feud wasn’t serious for those involved in it. But let’s face it, if that was the worst news we had to deal with, this world would be an easier place to live.

3. It’s bringing people together.
Sure it may look like they’re just mindlessly swiping at their phone, but in what other capacity have you seen such large groups of people going after the same goal, that’s not political. Just visit any Poke-stop and you’ll see. Conversations are started, friendships are born, who knows how many babies will result from the Pokemon Go revolution! Okay, that was a little exaggerated, but you get the idea. 

At the end of the day, it’s just a game, I get it. It’s cool to be the one hating on the popular thing because you think you’re above the influence. But I think it’s cooler to just do what makes you happy and what interests you, whether it makes you a sheep or not. And if your interest is hating on the popular thing, then I guess go for it. But like Amy Poehler says, “Good for [them], not for me.” Meaning if you don’t like what someone is doing, realize that you don’t have to like it, or do it yourself, but let them do it without the judgement.
That’s all for this one, thank you so much for reading!
Until Next Time,
Kirsten 🙂


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