Boredom (Blogust Day 8)

Today I am having the most difficult time coming up with an idea for a blog post. For most of Blogust, I have almost every day planned out with topics I want to talk about, except for the weekends. I usually like to write up my posts the night before, with the exception of the last couple days, but I just have not been able to come up with any topics. I’ve kind of been stuck in this weird writer’s block state of mind for several months actually. There have been a few days every now and then, that I’ll get a whole flood of ideas and it’s all I can do to get them out of my brain before they’re gone. So I decided for today, since my idea well is dry, to go to my handy dandy list of writing prompts. There’s a website (there are several actually) that has a writing prompt for each day of the year. I turn to it when I need a little boost, but I more or less have a love/hate relationship with writing prompts in general. I think they can be a great exercise and force you to focus on one subject, which is especially helpful when you’re blocked. But then I’ll find that I use them as a crutch and won’t create anything original. So I try to limit writing prompts to just a couple times a week. Today is one of those days. 

Here is today’s prompt:

Honestly, I am very rarely bored anymore. We live in an age where we are constantly inundated with technology, social media and instant gratification, that it seems like it would be very difficult to be bored. You can do everything on your phone; watch tv, read a book, go shopping, talk to friends and family, and anything else you can possibly think of. Pretty much all my free time is spent on my iPad watching either Netflix or YouTube. While I’m waiting for something/someone in public, I can just pull my phone out and check Twitter or play a game. There literally is no time for boredom. But that got me thinking; maybe boredom would be a good thing. Maybe we need to know what bored feels like again. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I am addicted to technology; I like it and I use it every day, but I know that I could find things to do outside of my electronic devices. Give me some books or a notebook and some pens, and I’m good. It’s just a matter of choosing those things over my phone or iPad. Last month our internet went out for five days. I still had my phone but we have a limited data plan that is split between three people, so I had to ration my time. Those days without Internet were a bit of a wake up call, because I didn’t think that it would be so difficult not to go online. But it made me realize just how much I rely on the Internet. I didn’t have Twitter, Netflix, or YouTube which are my big three time wasters. I literally was detoxing from technology, and that is kind of a scary thought that something like that has such power. There are even studies that show how much technology is hurting our bodies and leading to poor social skills, and even a detachment from reality in young children. 

Ever since then I have been actively trying to detach and take time away from the tech. It can be difficult since so much of my life is online; I run the website and social media for a local private school, I run my blog and YouTube page and the social media for that, plus half my family lives 1,000 miles away so I use technology to stay in touch with them. The Internet is mostly a wonderful place that allows us to connect with each other, but I still feel it’s important to disconnect every now and then. Instead of venting on social media, try using a notebook. Maybe try drawing or crafting, instead of playing a game on your phone. I know I’m totally guilty of all these things and I’m working on becoming less dependent on it, but I only see this as becoming more of a problem unfortunately. Technology is a growing field, and there are new advancements every week. We’re only going to become more and more reliant on it in the future. I think, though, that if we have an awareness of how much we use it, and how much our brains need that break, we’ll be able to find a balance. 
In the meantime, take some time to be bored and embrace the stillness. That’s all for this one; thank you so much for reading!
Until Next Time,
Kirsten 🙂

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