Agree to Disagree (Blogust Day 4)

Quick preface before I get into my post: I’m trying something new; I’m going to give my honest opinion on a current event. I’ve never done this in such a public way before. I love sharing my opinion (who doesn’t?), but I get nervous about sharing it on the Internet. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, and as Phillip DeFranco said, you may even have a valid argument, but if you’re an asshole in your delivery it totally discounts everything you say. All that being said, let’s get into the post.
Last week the Internet erupted over the killing of a protected and beloved lion named Cecil. The story is that a dentist from Minnesota paid $50,000 to go to Africa and hunt big game on a safari. Turns out that the lion he killed was in a protected area. This has become more and more popular recently and I have to say, I do not agree with it at all and it makes me very sad. I am an animal lover through and through (I may even love animals more than humans), and I hate the idea that these animal’s lives were taken just for the thrill of the kill. Giraffes, lions, zebras, rhinos, etc. are such beautiful and majestic creatures. The worst part is that some of these hunts are completely legal, and in some cases the money made goes toward funding terrorist groups. The one the dentist participated in was not legal. But still, the point is, legal or not, there are people that go over there just to kill those beautiful animals. Like something within compels them to want to go and kill for fun. It just completely baffles me, and also saddens and disgusts me, to the core.

If you’ve ever watched a documentary or one of those nature shows like Planet Earth, you can see those animals out in the wild and it’s just incredible. While it’s sad to see a lion kill a zebra, I know that it’s the circle of life, survival of the fittest and all that. But humans bringing guns, or bows-and-arrows, to kill those animals, is not a part of the circle of life. The life of that animal is wasted; skinned for a rug or stuffed as a trophy. There is a very big difference between hunting for food and hunting for sport. I have several family members who are hunters, and kill animals that they will eat. Yes it’s still sad, but I know that they weren’t just killed for fun.

This story with Cecil set off a firestorm around social media with people planted firmly on both sides of the argument. Someone not on the side of the animals is Ted Nugent, who has made his opinion very clear:
Here’s the link to the article

First of all what he wrote is very much uninformed and wrong and he clearly has no idea what he’s talking about; he says that the whole thing was legal, which it wasn’t. Second, Ted Nugent is just an asshole, and if you go through his Facebook feed, everything he spews reeks of racism and bigotry. There are some things that may be valid, but just the fact that he delivers it in such a negative, asshole-y way completely invalidates it. He also keeps commenting that lions are not endangered, but if he did a little research, he would see that they are. —> Here’s an article discussing this topic.

Then there’s Kat Von D, who is on the side of the animals, but called out everyone that eats meat, and says they have no right to be upset because they are just as bad as the dentist. CLICK HERE to read a very well written post on that whole situation, because I have no idea where to even begin on that one. 
I say, again, it’s all in the delivery. People make all these generalizations and have no valid facts or reasons to back up their arguments. It’s not just the story of Cecil the lion, this happens all the time. We can never just agree to disagree. Everyone thinks their opinion is fact and that everyone else should feel the same. Opinions are like assholes… we all have one, and we all have the right to express them. But we don’t have a right to shove them down other people’s throats and bully them into agreeing. Now I’ve shared my opinion on the Cecil story; and while I would hope that someone out there agrees with me, I know that not everyone will. I have actually read several opinions that were not the same as mine, and can fully respect them because they were delivered in very respectful ways. I hope that I was able to get mine across in the same manner. Although I know that when it comes to Ted Nugent, I have a hard time being nice about my opinion of him. I really just cannot stand him (or people like him), and no matter how much I try to ignore it, somehow he keeps popping up everywhere.
Here’s a video of Jimmy Kimmel’s view on the situation. I think he’s just the best and is always able to give honest takes on serious situations without seeming to preachy or pushy. Every single thing he says about the situation, I completely agree with and feel like I could have said myself, which I kind of did, above.

P.S. Yes I know that there are bigger issues in this world than the death of a lion, but some things just resonate with you more than others. The suffering of any person or creature (except for spiders, spiders are the worst), on this earth is terrible and should never happen, and my heart hearts for anyone in those types of situations. I wish we could all live peacefully in this world. But I’m realistic and I know that isn’t, and probably won’t be, a reality… unfortunately.
That’s all for this one. Thank you so much for reading!
Until Next Time,
Kirsten 🙂

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