Internship: Month Two Recap (Blogust Day 2)

*Editor’s Note: It’s a long one. Sorry. :)*
It’s hard to believe, but I’m already 2/3 of the way through my internship. Thursday (July 30) marked the last day of month two. Tomorrow (Monday, August 3) I begin the third and final month. This month was a little bit of a mess, alright a big mess, as I dealt with getting sick in the middle of class, an ankle injury, and my car dying on campus. I feel like I spent more time out of, than in, class. I felt really bad, and much to my chagrin, there are some things you just cannot control. But all in all I’m still enjoying what I’m doing, though I am realizing that I don’t really think that teaching is the path that I want to go down. I enjoyed learning what I have so far, and I feel like I have learned so much more about writing, and being a part of the working world in general, but it has also opened my eyes even more to my limitations. Now I just have to survive this crazy last month in which I have to complete a teaching portfolio and even teach a class, which I am freaking out about.
So let’s start off with talking about the events that transpired this month. The last time I checked in was at the end of the first month, which was already five weeks ago! In it I mentioned that I didn’t want the first month to end and was worried that I wouldn’t like the second month as much because it was so awesome. Well I had nothing to worry about because I did enjoy the second month. It’s probably unfair to say this, because both were wonderful, but it definitely wasn’t the same as the first one. I didn’t feel as connected to this class as I did the first group. It could be because there were twice as many students, or that they just were a completely different set of personalities. Neither month was better than the other; it was just very different from one month to the next. I very much enjoyed observing the students this month; they were intelligent, funny, creative, and came up with some of the best scripts I’ve ever read. I didn’t get to tutor as much as last time, but it was cool to be able to help out the few times that I did.
Unfortunately like I mentioned, I had several absences, which made it so I had to throw my perfect attendance goal out the window. First up I got super sick in the middle of class one day and had to go home; that was on a Thursday. Then that same day, I sprained my ankle and had to miss the next day (Friday). I probably could have gone to class, but I definitely would not have been able to drive myself, which was why I didn’t go. Then, and here’s where a super frustrating situation began, my car died the following Tuesday afternoon. If you already know the story (because I shared it on most of my social media) and don’t want to hear it again, skip to the next paragraph. So I go to leave after class, and I’m feeling pretty good because we got out over an hour early and I go to my car, and my key fob isn’t working. It won’t unlock the car or open my doors. So I used the manual key to open the driver door and unlock the car. When the doors unlock using the inside button, I think it’s probably just that the battery in the key fob is dead. So I open the ramp manually and get in, but then none of the buttons inside work to shut the ramp and door either. Then I go to start the car and nothing happens – no lights, no sounds, nothing. I discover that one button, the one on the ceiling, works to shut the ramp but not the door. So I get out and flag down a stranger to press the button for me, and I locked up my car and go inside. I call my mom who is over an hour away, and she comes to try and jump it. After all that, it doesn’t work; we call AAA, and they come to jump it but that doesn’t work either. No one knows what’s going on, so unfortunately it has to be towed. One problem, I’m kind of stranded since my one mode of transportation is sitting on a flatbed. Luckily my uncle has a van, so he drove down and picked me up. My mom was able to lift me into the car, something that is not exactly safe for either of us, but it all worked out. Then she and my uncle were able to put my chair in the back of his van. Long story short (too late, Kirsten), my ignition module died. Turns out there is an active recall going on for this part, which we did get notice of in April, but at the time the dealer said the part wasn’t ready. Now the part is ready but they told us that it was backordered and could take weeks to come in. Here’s the thing, I could not be without a car for weeks. My van is the only way that I can leave the house; it’s not like I can just hitch a ride with someone. Since it was a recall, it’s considered Chrysler’s fault, so we were able to rent a wheelchair accessible van and they’ll pay for it, until it was fixed. After ten days in the shop, I got a call that the part came in and I was able to pick it up this past Friday (July 31). 
I’m so happy to have my car back; I love having that slice of independence. It’s one thing not to be able to drive myself, which I can live with, it’s another when I don’t have any way to leave the house at all. It just reminded me how lucky I am that I have that. I am also really grateful because the recall says that the ignition module has been known to die in the middle of driving and cause a crash. I’m just super happy that wasn’t the case for me and that I was able to safely get to school that morning without incident; even if it was inconvenient. In the end it has all worked out so that’s all that matters.
The whole thing with my car and my ankle did open my eyes though, to my limitations. Even though I’m trying not to focus solely on that, because I have been able to do a lot, it just reminded me that there’s still a lot of stuff that I cannot do. For example with the ankle injury; I know that everyone can be injured at any time, but for me it’s not a matter of if, but when. I hate the idea of missing work because of an injury. I think about when I get a job where I’m actually getting paid and people depend on what I’m doing, and how that will all work out. Then there’s the whole car situation. Hopefully I won’t get stuck like I did that day again, but it’s always a possibility. I’m lucky because my mom works not too far away from the school (except she wasn’t at work that day), but again, I’m not sure where exactly I’ll end up working. It’s just a lot of variables to worry about, and I’m probably overthinking it right now. This internship is my first foray into the working world and it’s just been a learning experience on a lot of levels.
So now, looking to this last month. I have to teach a class as part of my portfolio, and I am totally freaking out. The class I chose to teach is on formatting a script because I feel like out of all the classes I could have chosen from, I feel the most qualified. I don’t feel qualified to teach anything really, but formatting is something I’m comfortable with and one of my favorite things to help others out with, so that’s what I’m going with. All in all I am excited though, it will be another new experience that I can check off my list, even if I don’t end up going into teaching.
That’s all for this one! Thank you so much for reading!

Until Next Time,
Kirsten 🙂

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